Church School



 At All Saints’ CE Federation, we recognise its historic foundation and will endeavour to preserve its religious character in accordance with Christian beliefs and practice whilst cultivating a sensitive and respectful attitude to other world faiths.


Religious Education and Collective Worship should contribute to the promotion of the school’s distinctively Christian values.  Making connections between the values and learning in RE and worship will bring about greater understanding of the values and how they can be put into practice across a range of experiences. At All Saints’ CE Federation a range of values will be looked at over the year, but particular emphasis will be placed on 4 core values that will permeate the school – Community, Courage, Thankfulness and Forgiveness.


We have strong links with All Saints’ church, acts of worship/services are regularly held at the church, the school choirs often sing at church related events and members of the church are voluntary helpers in our school.


Advice and support is also offered from the Diocese of York. Members of the Senior Leadership Team attend training, meetings and conferences to ensure the school is informed about local and national initiatives and that it retains it distinctively Christian character.


Our vision is clear: as part of the Christian Ethos of this school, we endeavour that every child be resilient, independent, confident, happy, enthusiastic, respectful learners – RICHER learners.

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