School Uniform

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School Uniform

We expect children to wear school uniform, as we feel that this encourages a sense of belonging and pride in the school. The sweatshirts, polo shirts and T- shirts with the school logo can be purchased from Audrey Mansell but these are optional. Alternatively, plain Bottle Green sweatshirts and cardigans can be worn and these are stocked at most of the larger supermarkets in the local area.

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Girls Winter

Grey or black skirt/pinafore dress/trousers

White or yellow polo shirt/blouse

Bottle green cardigan or sweatshirt

Girls Summer

Summer dress in check pattern green/white or yellow/white

Boys Winter/Summer

Grey or black trousers /shorts

White or yellow polo shirt/white shirt

Bottle green pullover or sweatshirt


If you wish to purchase PE clothing items with the school logo, please contact Audrey Mansell in Hessle. 

For games lessons and P.E

This should be reasonably tight fitting and be in the form of:

Shorts—mid thigh length, plain black or green

Pedal Pushers—mid length lycra shorts, same colours as above

T-Shirt—yellow or white

A pair of trainers (sandshoes may also be worn if preferred)

For outdoor games the above needs to be worn along with the addition of a sweatshirt or tracksuit

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Hessle C of E Junior School Cardigan



Jewellery Is not normally permitted. It can very easily be lost or cause injury to other children or the wearer. Only “studs” earrings may be worn in school and these should be removed before coming to school on the day your child has PE or alternatively, you must provide some form of tape/Elastoplast to tape them up during P.E and outdoor games for safety.