Headteacher's Update


Information Update: 20.12.18

Dear Parent/Carers,


As we prepare to break for Christmas I wanted to keep you informed about Ebor Academy Trust’s continued involvement with All Saints next term.


  • Ebor’s School Improvement Team will provide a total of 77 days’ support up until Easter. This will address recommendations made by Ofsted inspectors during their recent visits to both schools.
  • School staff will access all Ebor’s continuous professional development networks, including English, maths, Year 6, Year 2, Early Years, so as to share best practice among peers.
  • The public consultation about becoming an academy also continues. Drop-in sessions are planned for 3.30pm and 6pm on Wednesday 9 January, when you can come in and discuss any concerns with governors, the school leadership team and representatives from Ebor.


Next term we welcome Jeanette Sutherland to the school to assist me in its leadership. Jeanette will take over the day-to day support, while I focus on quality assurance both across the trust, and at All Saints Federation in particular.


Mrs Sutherland is an Executive Headteacher with Ebor Academy Trust and an experienced school leader. She has been in teaching for over 30 years, having been the headteacher of Ofsted-rated ‘Good’ Church of England primary schools for the last 16. Mrs Sutherland is also recognised as a National Leader of Education, a prestigious accolade and it means she has a commitment to help improve outcomes for children in other schools.


We look forward to the new year with much enthusiasm to continue the Federation’s progress. I am grateful for parents’ and carers’ support, together with that of staff and governors and of course, our wonderful children for whom this is a special and exciting time of the year.


May your Christmas sparkle with love, laughter and goodwill, and don’t forget the Christ in Christmas – without Him the day would not exist.


Yours faithfully,


Dave Barber.

Information update    25.10.18


Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                                              

Updates on development plan priorities

 As you know, we were asked by the local authority and Diocese of York to support the federation after Miss Wood’s departure. I am pleased to let you know that great progress has been made against the improvement priorities thanks to the hard work and commitment of the children and staff at All Saints. Some headlines are; 

  • A revised set of behaviour expectations have been introduced at the schools to make sure that every child has a voice and positive behaviours are promoted and celebrated.
  • A team ethos has been established to enhance everyone’s feeling of belonging within the federation.
  • A phase system has been introduced to make sure clear communication of wider school aims translates in to practice in every classroom.
  • Support systems have been introduced to ensure high quality teaching in all classes that has a direct positive impact upon children’s progress and attainment.
  • Baseline assessment information has been established in each year group so children’s progress can be measured accurately at the end of each teaching cycle (we will assess the children again towards the end of term). Please note that adults continually assess children’s understanding to inform their planning.
  • Specific groups of children - such as pupil premium and SEND - have been focused on to make sure that they have the best chance to make strong progress.


The local authority will be undertaking a monitoring visit soon after half term to independently quality assure the impact of the support Ebor have offered since the beginning of term.


Parental support

 Your children are a credit to you all and have shown great learning attitudes, as well as lovely manners and a desire to help and support one another. Thank you for your support in sending your children to school wearing predominantly black shoes - this is an important aspect when establishing pride in being at school and a part of the federation.

 I would also like to offer sincere thanks to all of you who attended the information evening earlier in the term. There was some completely understandable frustration at the uncertainty around governance of the school. We have also received some questions around governance at parents’ evening. I’m sure you will understand that it is inappropriate for Ebor to provide information on this issue, as we are currently only involved in a support capacity to ensure the continued development of teaching and learning across both schools. I am confident that the governing body will be in touch soon after half term with a very clear vision and plan for the direction of governance at both schools.


Health and safety information

 We will be introducing ‘peopled’ gates at the beginning and end of the school day after half term. You have raised concerns about the riding of scooters and bikes on the school site. We share these concerns - it would be highly regrettable if anyone is injured in what would be an entirely avoidable way. Please do not be offended if school staff - or other parents/carers - ask your children to stop riding their two-wheeled vehicles on our school site. Additionally please advise any members of the public that our site is not to be used as a convenient through route before or after school.


Please also remember that children should not use any of the fixed play equipment before or after school in either of the playgrounds.

 Finally, we are investigating the possibility of adding some soft surface material around the new play equipment on the Infant School playground. The equipment is below the height where this is necessary, however we will install some rubber safety surface if it proves financially viable.

 Please enjoy half term and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Monday 5 November.

 Yours sincerely,

 Mr. D. Barber

 Interim Executive Headteacher